Vinyl Floors

Printable vinyl floors

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors

Superior laid floors

Superior laid floors with no detours. Laid directly onto your base floor. So durable that you can decide how long you want to use it. Where? That’s entirely up to you. Our vinyl floors are so versatile that you’ll find them in trade fair stands, museums, conference rooms, supermarkets, shopping centres, at outdoor events - just about everywhere you wouldn’t have thought possible. Would you ever have imagined that the mosaic floors in Neuschwanstein castle could be reproduced and protected by vinyl flooring?


And we’ve put that into practice many times over. We provide brand environments with a spectacular foundation. We revive retail spaces or design entire interiors according to your requirements. And in such a way that your customers will also want to look down. Vinyl floors attract attention as if by magic, and that’s what we aiming for.


Down-to-earth facts Durable, can be installed anywhere. Indoors or outdoors: vinyl flooring can be used wherever you have a very clear idea of how you want your floor to look and want to implement this in a jiffy. Just roll out and you’re done. A truly advanced solution that couldn’t be easier to use.

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