Who we are is also

what drives us.

It’s there in our Name:

Real Pioneers

Marco Israel


Pioneer Trading Company – German roots, global contacts

Creating innovations and making the impossible possible for our customers is what makes us who we are. This requires not only good ideas, but an absolute will to succeed, and also, above all, a love of technology and an in-depth knowledge of the brands and brand presentation.

Since PIONEER TRADING COMPANY arrived in Europe, the company has been headed by lateral thinker and man of action, Marco Israel. He is the person who looks for uncompromising added value in all the products. He and his team combine specialist expertise in floor and wall coverings as well as lifestyle and high-tech products. The perfect symbiosis for always staying one step ahead. After all, if you want to make history, you have to live and breathe innovation.

“Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.” Leonardo da Vinci
Warwara Nacou

Member of Management Board

Pioneers are doers.

You have a vision – we have the plan for implementing it. After all, what use is having the best idea for your brand if no one else thinks like you? To make sure that we’re ideally positioned to implement your marketing, we’re continually developing new methods and techniques, finding inspiration and tracking down the very latest trends. That’s how we create unique, top-quality products for floor and walls design, while also creating new markets for you. Markets where your brand will succeed.

“You'll get a head start in life if you set to work while others start off just talking.” JFK
Sara Kozalan

Sales Director

Pioneers are team players.

To explore new horizons, you need a team you can rely on. Where each individual contributes a piece of the puzzle with his or her extensive expertise. Together with our global network of partner companies, we will support you from start to finish. For shopfitting with POS marketing, exciting brand showcasing in trade fair stands, or retail interior design, we’re always there for you.

“Those who stop getting better, stop being good!”
Kevin Hensler

Partner - Digital Signage

Pioneers are visionaries.

Pioneers like us are always in touch with the latest trends and often one step ahead. Always thinking differently, finding inspiration, trying things out and improvising. That’s what gives us the advantage. Because we’re able to sense today what’s likely to influence people tomorrow. We adapt and the market follows us. We exploit the opportunities created by digitisation to open up totally new areas. Always with the aim of providing you with the perfect product.

“It is not enough to have more ideas than others - it is also necessary to have the ability to judge which of these ideas are good.” Linus Pauling
Marcus Krischke

Business Development / Project Manager

Marco Riboli

Sales Representive Italy

Gianmaria Marelli

Partner Italy

Tonino Marelli

Partner Italy

Irina Schmidt

Key Account / Sales

Paola Delle Donne

Key Account / Sales

Julia Schmidt

Key Account / Accounting

Heike Plümer

Key Account / Sales / Logistics

Nicole Bussler

Key Account / Sales