Create eye-catching sales promotion landscapes and get your advertising message across with skill.

Freely printable and reusable, the 2mm-thick vinyl flooring is an ideal eyecatcher. Even on even surfaces the use of this easy-to-install flooring is no problem at all.

Sehen Sie wie einfach der
Vinylboden zu verlegen ist


The vinyl flooring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.
We have already equipped the following building types:
Exhibition stands, shops, museums, conferences, supermarkets, shopping centres and much more


  • Material thickness 2 mm
  • Rail width 2 m/ rail length maximum 25 m
  • Slip resistant, anti-slip effect DS / R10 Slip / > 10°-19°
  • Formaldehyde class E1
  • Flame retardant, fire resistance BFL-S1 / B1
  • Footsteps sound insulation 16 db
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Excellent durability against household cleaning products
  • Sustainable, reusable, can be rolled together and stored
  • Can be easily cut and positioned
  • Individually printable or with one of our standard designs

Can also be used as shopping trolley mats, advertising mats, protective floor mats and table covers!

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